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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day To Do List

Stuck on some last minute Valentine’s ideas for this year!? Don’t worry because here are our  hot tips of things to do on Valentine’s Day with your loved one. The Brainy Choice: Sleeping with Sherlock Before you fall into a Cumberbatch-related fantasy, stop right there because this Valentine’s choice is totally innocent and actually very educational. […]

Decorating Tips for Your Chocolate Treats

Decorating chocolates can seem a little daunting but we’ve got four decorating tips to make your chocolate treats look seriously professional. Take out your chocolate making kit ingredients and get ready for a fun evening with family and friends. With a bit of luck, once decorated, you should be able to fool anyone into believing […]

The Chocolate Truffle

Here at The Chocolate Hedgehog, we are particularly fond of a chocolate truffle. A History Lesson  The chocolate truffle originated in Chambéry, France. In 1895 Louis Dufour combined thick cream and rich, dark chocolate to make a delicious, indulgent ganache, which forms the centre of a truffle. He then dipped the ganache in melted chocolate […]

Ideas for a Unique Children’s Party

It goes without saying that you want something memorable and fun but after years of planning children’s parties, unique party ideas are harder and harder to come by! The key is to pick an activity that you know kids will love and one which will keep them very entertained. Enter a chocolate making children’s party! […]

The New Night In: Host a Chocolate Party

Staying in has never looked so good. We are a nation of ‘Great British Bake Off’ watchers and hosting dinner parties has become a weekend staple. Unfortunately, our cooking skills aren’t quite up to dinner party standards. And we fear being left panicking in the kitchen while everyone else enjoys each other’s company over a […]