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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day To Do List

Stuck on some last minute Valentine’s ideas for this year!? Don’t worry because here are our  hot tips of things to do on Valentine’s Day with your loved one. The Brainy Choice: Sleeping with Sherlock Before you fall into a Cumberbatch-related fantasy, stop right there because this Valentine’s choice is totally innocent and actually very educational. […]

Decorating Tips for Your Chocolate Treats

Decorating chocolates can seem a little daunting but we’ve got four decorating tips to make your chocolate treats look seriously professional. Take out your chocolate making kit ingredients and get ready for a fun evening with family and friends. With a bit of luck, once decorated, you should be able to fool anyone into believing […]

Shop Local this Christmas!

We sell lots of Chocolate Making Party Kits for Christmas gifts so December is a very busy month here at The Chocolate Hedgehog. This means we are always a little behind on our Christmas shopping and often dash to the main high-street names on Christmas eve. This year however, we’ve done things a little differently. […]

The Chocolate Truffle

Here at The Chocolate Hedgehog, we are particularly fond of a chocolate truffle. A History Lesson  The chocolate truffle originated in Chambéry, France. In 1895 Louis Dufour combined thick cream and rich, dark chocolate to make a delicious, indulgent ganache, which forms the centre of a truffle. He then dipped the ganache in melted chocolate […]

We’re now live on!

We’re getting ready for Christmas and our chocolate making kits are now available on In our humble opinion, the chocolate kits are the perfect Christmas present. After all, the kits contain everything you need to make your own handmade truffles, fudge slabs and flavoured chocolate bites. Yum!        

Bunting Chocolate Party Kit

The Chocolate Hedgehog’s Chocolate Making Kits for The Perfect Romantic Evening

  In the modern world of romance, dating comes at a price and all the wining and dining can really pull on the purse strings. This dilemma is made worse as winter approaches; those summer countryside picnics or moonlit strolls don’t seem quite as romantic in the freezing cold! Therefore, those of us hoping to […]

There’s Nothing Better Than a Good Friend, Except a Good Friend with a Chocolate

  An old saying goes: “There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate”. Then why not have a good old catch up while making your very own chocolates? Here at the Chocolate Hedgehog, we sell Chocolate Making Party Kits. You can choose from a range of ingredients and create your own […]