Chocolate Hedgehog Chocolate Making PartyWhy are you called The Chocolate Hedgehog?
Chocolate is descriptive of the party kits and hedgehogs are fun, playful and quirky (a little like us!)

What’s inside a Chocolate Making Party Kit
The kit contains all the equipment and ingredients you need to make truffles, fudge and flavoured chocolate bites. This includes organic chocolate buttons, handmade fudge slabs, decorations, edible transfers to print pictures on your
chocolates, natural flavourings, chocolate cutters, piping bags and an easy to follow recipe poster. More info…

How many chocolates will everyone make?
We offer two Chocolate Making Party Kits  – a Gift Kit and Group Kit.

The Gift Kit is recommended for up to four people and has ingredients and equipment to make 60 chocolates (or 15 per person). The Group Kit is recommended for up the 12 people and has ingredients and equipment to make 180 (!) chocolates (or 15 per person).

Is the Chocolate Making Party Kit organic?
We strive to use organic ingredients wherever possible. The milk and dark chocolate buttons in the kits are organic.
This means approximately 75% of the kit is organic.

Do I need to buy anything extra to use the Chocolate Making Party Kit?
You just need to add double cream.
For the Gift Chocolate Making Party Kit, you will need 75ml of double cream.
For the Group Chocolate Making Party Kit you will need 225ml of double cream.

Where can I find the full ingredients list?
You can find the full contents of the chocolate making kit on our dedicated page and the list of ingredients here.

What do I need to host a chocolate making party?
We’ve made it really easy for you to host a chocolate making party.

The kit contains a poster with hosting instructions and simple, step-by-step recipes. We’ve also included equipment, such as piping bags, baking paper, moulds, paper cases and mini chocolate cutters.

Please see Hosting a Chocolate Making Party for details on what kitchen equipment you will need.

Do I need any cooking skills?
None whatsoever! The Chocolate Making Party contains a recipe poster with simple instructions.

Our focus is on having fun and playing with chocolate rather than detailed chocolate recipes.

Is there any allergy information I need to know about?
Yes. The kit contains diary, soya and nuts. The caramelised hazelnuts can easily be excluded if you are concerned about a nut allergy.

We also know lots of diary free recipes so contact us if you want any tips.

Can the packaging be recycled?
Yes, the outer box is made from recyclable cardboard.

Where does your chocolate come from?
Our milk and dark organic chocolate buttons come from the Ivory Coast.

What are Edible Chocolate Transfers?
The transfer sheets are made from cocoa butter and natural food colourings. They print edible pictures on your chocolates this like…

Transfer FudgeFudge Heart
Please contact us if we haven’t answered all your questions.