How well do you know chocolate?

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Chocolate Flavours
Cocoa beans have different flavours based on where the cocoa plants are grown.TemperingMilk2

Madagascar: Light citrus flavours reminiscent of tangerine
Colombia: Deep cocoa flavour with moderate fruitiness. Slightly bitter.
Brazil: Bright acidity. Well-balanced cocoa flavours, often with subtle fruity notes.
Venezuela: Complex fruit flavours. Evokes flavours of ripe red plums and dark cherries.
Jamaica: Bright and fruity, with appealing aromas. Complex and well-balanced. Often recalls subtle flavours of pineapples.

Growing Cocoa
There are three main kinds of cacao trees:

Cacao is not an easy plant to grow as it only thrives in climates 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

Nearly all the world’s cacao trees are grown on small family farms.  Almost 90% of cacao bean production comes from farms under 12 acres.

More than just Chocolate?
Cocoa butter, because of its low melting temperature and high quantities of Vitamin E, is often sold by cheaper chocolate manufactures to pharmaceutical companies to use in body butter.

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Legally chocolate?
Here in the UK, chocolate must be 35% cocoa mass to be called dark chocolate, and 20% cocoa mass to be called milk chocolate.

Chocolate Quality
The quality of chocolate is determined by the balance between bitterness and sweetness.

The cocoa bean determines the flavour, whilst the amount of cocoa butter, or lack of it, determines the texture.

And in case you’re looking for a random chocolate fact to throw in during your chocolate parties
In 1579, one pirate ship burned an entire shipload of cacao beans, believing that they were sheep droppings!

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