Ideas for a Unique Children’s Party

It goes without saying that you want something memorable and fun but after years of planning children’s parties, unique party ideas are harder and harder to come by! The key is to pick an activity that you know kids will love and one which will keep them very entertained. Enter a chocolate making children’s party! Here at The Chocolate Hedgehog, we let you host your own chocolate making party. Our Chocolate Making Party Kits  contain everything you need for two hours of chocolate making fun. Kids Chocolate Making Party The Party Prep (or lack of it)

  1. Buy a Chocolate Making Party Kit. We offer Group Kits, for up to 12 people and Gift Kits for up to 4. The Chocolate Making Party Kits contain everything you need to host a chocolate party, including organic chocolate buttons, delicious decorations and specialised chocolate making equipment.
  2. Buy a few pots of double cream.
  3. Pick a date and send party invitations.

There’s no need to worry about party bags as kids make their own chocolates. The Chocolate Making Party Kits also contain bags and stickers to package their goodies up to take home with them. On the Day of the Party

  1. Open up the kit and read through the easy to follow instruction poster.
  2. Check out our tips on Hosting a Chocolate Making Party.
  3. Melt the organic chocolate buttons before the kids arrive.

And that’s it. When the kids arrive, they can follow the easy instructions with you to makes truffles, fudge slabs and flavoured chocolate bites. Children's Chocolate Making

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