Our Green Credentials

Our Chocolate TemperingMilk2
It probably goes without saying, but we’re pretty mad about chocolate.

We’ve also eaten a fair chunk of it so when it came to deciding what chocolate to use in the Chocolate Making Party Kits, the answer was simple: organic chocolate with the highest cocoa percentage we could get our hands on.

In our humble opinion, only organic chocolate creates really rich, aromatic chocolate and the high cocoa percentage means you get that perfect melt in your mouth moment. Also, we believe it’s important to buy chocolate from farmers who don’t use synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers on their cocoa plants.

Our Ingredients
We strive to use organic ingredients wherever possible.
We also use the highest quality ingredients, including handmade butter fudge and natural flavourings.

Hazelnut Truffle

Social Responsibility
We do what we can by supporting local charities through volunteer work and by offering raffle prizes at charity auditions.

All the outer chocolate kit packaging can be recycled.

Chocolate Making Hedgehog