The Chocolate Truffle

Here at The Chocolate Hedgehog, we are particularly fond of a chocolate truffle.

A History Lesson 
The chocolate truffle originated in Chambéry, France.

In 1895 Louis Dufour combined thick cream and rich, dark chocolate to make a delicious, indulgent ganache, which forms the centre of a truffle. He then dipped the ganache in melted chocolate and rolled it in cocoa powder.

Noticing that the earthy-looking ball of chocolate looked a lot like a truffle mushroom, Dufour adopted the name for his new chocolate concoction .

In 1902 Antoine Dufour, a relative of Louis, brought the family truffle recipe across the channel to England and opened the iconic chocolatiers Prestat, which to this day still sells some of the most divine truffles available.

Since then, countless truffle recipes have been created, adding flavours, herbs, spices and alcohol to the chocolate ganache mixture.

Truffle Recipes
After quite a few truffle recipe trials and tastings (well someone has to do it right?!), we’ve reached the conclusion that the simplest truffle recipe, the Dufour recipe of combining cream and chocolate, produces the most delicious truffles of the lot.

We’ve included the Dufour recipe, and all the chocolate making supplies needed to make truffles in our chocolate making kits.

We have added one slight variation to the traditional recipe; rather than just covering the truffles in cocoa powder, we want you to be a little more creative. The kits contain white chocolate flakes, very berry strawberry curls and caramelised hazelnuts so you can decorate your truffles with something a little sweeter.


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